Fees and Insurance

Methods of Payment

We are currently only able to receive payment in cash or by personal check. We are unfortunately not able to process credit or debit card payments.


What Care is Covered?

Most tests and treatment recommended in the course of care are covered by regular medical insurance.

Our office will often have to seek approval from the Insurers in advance of tests or surgery. We will do this automatically, and generally only involve the patient if we have run into unexpected difficulty, or have received outright denials for the requeested services.

Copays and deductibles will be specific to one's particular insurance plan.

Our billing associates, Doctor's Billing Incorporated (DBI) are happy to help provide information on specific cases, and this may be useful to you where there is uncertainty as to what your out-of-pocket costs may be for care. If you would like to speak with DBI, we can put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff there.



We are happy to provide you copies of your medical records at no cost. However, there is a $25-50 fee if a certified/complete copy of all your records is being provided to an outside party such as an Attorney or Disability Insurer.

There are no fees to fill out standard FMLA paperwork for time off after surgery. However, there is a standard $50 fee if forms and records are to be provided for short or long term disability insurance. Many insurers are willing to pay these standard fees, but if they will not pay, you will be responsible for them.