Making an Initial Appointment

In order to set up an appointment to be evaluated, you are required to have a copy of the radiologists report of your most recent spine MRI (or equivalent study such as a myelogram or CT scan) faxed to this office. This study must have been performed in the last 12 months.  Dr. Ohaegbulam reviews all MRI reports to identify which patients are likely to be most urgent, neurologically, and move appointments up if possible. It helps to have specific information from your referring physician in this regard if a more urgent evaluation is necessary, as this may not be obvious from your MRI report. Once the MRI report and any additional documentation have been reviewed, your will be contacted to arrange a date for your appointment.

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before a new patient appointment to complete any necessary intake forms, and to provide insurance and other required information.

While we work hard to minimize your wait time on the day of your appointment, it is possible Dr. Ohaegbulam may be running late. This is sometimes unavoidable, especially when the complexity of a patient’s condition ahead of you necessitates a longer evaluation than planned. We apologize if this affects you on the day of your visit, and will do all we can to minimize the impact of delays.

If you cannot make your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice so that another patient may be given your time slot. We are able to cut down the wait time to be seen in this clinic partly if we are able to identify cancellations in advance and move urgent patients up.

Occasionally, your appointment may need to be rescheduled because of emergencies. We may need to contact you at short notice under such circumstances to reschedule your visit.