Preparing for Surgery

If you need surgery, and choose to proceed with Dr. Ohaegbulam’s recommendations, we will schedule your operation for the closest available date. There is some limitation to flexibility with scheduling as office visits and surgery are scheduled months in advance so that certain days may be impossible. In general, surgery will be a few weeks after your decision has been made, unless it has been deemed an urgent case and Dr. Ohaegbulam makes special arrangements with the hospital to provide a date sooner than otherwise would be available.

A preoperative visit will typically be necessary at the hospital. At this visit,  you will be interviewed by staff from Anesthesia and Nursing. This will almost always be necessary. We will try to schedule any additional imaging that might be necessary for surgery for the same day.

Your most recent MRI scan MUST be available for surgery. Dr. Ohaegbulam will review these a few days before your operation so they must be dropped off on the day of your prescreening visit, unless you had previously provided them, or they were performed at the New England Baptist Hospital. Surgery CANNOT be performed without these films, and it may be necessary to cancel your operation the day before if they are not available for review.