The Day of Surgery

Please arrange to be in the hospital two hours before your scheduled surgery start, unless you have been asked to do otherwise.

Bear in mind that the planned start time for surgery will be confirmed with you on the evening of the day before surgery (on Friday for planned surgery on a Monday) by a call from the Admission Desk at the Hospital, not by Dr. Ohaegbulam's office. It is important that the hospital was provided with your anticipated contact number for that day when you came for preoperative testing.

Remember to have nothing to eat or drink from midnight before your surgery, except for any necessary medicines with only a sip of water (pain pills, or other medicines that you have specifically been asked to take such as blood pressure medications).

 Dr. Ohaegbulam will meet you in the preoperative area, review the plans for surgery with you, obtain your signed consent for surgery and place his initials on your skin near the area of planned surgery -as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by the Hospital. This is intended to ensure that you do not get an operation that you were not intended to have.